DId anyone predict Turning point

DId anyone predict Turning point?

(short answer made longer due to character minimum)

This year’s game was, well, unpredictable.

The only thing I got right was that it would be a “shooting into precision targets game”.

Did not expect that half of In the Zone to remain this year.

Slightly off topic (I apologize)
I just hope next year will have a 144" expansion limit as opposed to the current 36"

@Gameoa is that a wallbot plan i sense

I also predicted a precision shooting game to complement the V5 Vision Sensor. And I expect we’ll see another one the year after next to showcase it again. Because it’ll actually work by then, I hope.

Nooo… of course not…
Aside from this I do really wish Vex didn’t destroy the viability of defensive robots, and thus destroying the numerous additional strategies brought on by them.

(Almost a sidenote: 1471A Toss Up Wallbot Reveal "Apophis" AKA The Quadropus even Karthik liked them)

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It was a pretty unpredictable game. I predict heavy game peices next year to showcase the strength of v5 motors. Which is bad news bears for cortex users like me. On a side note, I predicted itz flawlessly. I was just done with a small, local event for ms teams, and we had lost. I was aimlessly driving around our ss robot. the event has been using little plastic cones to fence off the pits, so I started stacking them. I got all my team over and said “look its next years game!”. then they revealed the game later and I was the only one who thought my prediction was interesting.


I remember watching the Starstruck Worlds stream and noticing a team with traffic cone hats (5225A). IIRC, I immediately thought of them when I saw the new game.

When they won Skills (and then the tournament) at ITZ Worlds, I think I mentioned to my family that they were the most fitting team to do it.

Edited to add:
As for Turning Point, I predicted it would be a shooting game, but that was about it. (I might have predicted there would be a part of the game where heavier defense was allowed, but more likely I was just figuring out the reasons they did that with Center Parking.)


lord i hope not, im sick of shooting games. i started in ms with nbn, now this. I dont want another shooting game please anything but that


I personally guess that next year will involve robots having to pick up a lot of heavy, small game pieces, and being required to lift them horizontally to score points.

I thought it would be cool if they had something where you would shoot a target to change it your color, but I didn’t think they were actually going to do it. I didn’t see the caps coming at all and I especially didn’t see the platform coming.

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