did I break my touch LED sensor?

Tried writing my first program - got the clawbot with sensors to roll forward, lift its arm just fine. Then I tried to write in that it should open its claw and turn the LED green, and then close its claw and turn the LED red while playing alarm sound. Everything goes haywire, and port 1-3 are unreadable because of the LED. I downloaded VEX OS utility and redid the firmware for everything, but the LED still causes whatever port it is in to show a question mark. I swapped cables, and swapped out the other LED which received the update.

I’m too scared to try the working LED with the program I wrote though. Help!!

Try unplugging all motors and sensors from the brain, the plug the LED in question into port 1. This should be the only thing plugged in. Then try the update again.

that worked! And now I know what to do next time also. Thank you calvc01