Did we get scammed from a spot

so our robot is quite bad and we dont have a shooter and we have bad expansion but a good roller and we managed to make it to the finals of our league tourney which we were told qualifies us for state. There is a rly good team at our school but they didnt qualify and they were mad at us. all of a sudden our teacher tells us there was a rule change and only the winners qualify for state not the runners up. also coincidently the really good team that didnt qualify suddenly did. was there a rule change? (Washington state) spin up

First, welcome to VEX forum! It is a good way to navigate the complexities of VEX Robotics Competition.

So, it appears you are part of League play - and as with all parts of VEX Robotics Competition to advance to next level, that is all described in the Qualifying Criteria document:

Every event League play or not, references this document - so if events follow this document, there is not likely to be a scam. Further, events (league or not) are all posted on RobotEvents.com which for each event indicates which teams advance to next level.

Read the document, and check RobotEvents which will tell you which teams advance for each events.

Should you have struggles, contact your RECF Team Engagement Manager for your region if you believe there is non compliance … However, it seems this might be an internal school team issue.


I don’t think you got scammed. There are several leagues in Washington State, so I don’t know exactly which one you compete in, but regardless I looked on robotevents and none of them said that tournament finalists qualified for state/regional championships. It is very possible that last year they did, and it was just a mistake that your coach assumed it would be the same this year, and then realized it wasn’t. Which awards qualify changes from year to year depending on a lot of factors. I think the other team in your program probably got an invite off the skills list, as that is how they fill the extra spots from teams that double-qualified.