Did we qualify for regionals?

My team recently went to a tournament this last weekend and got 6th on the skills list. The top 3 teams had all qualified and the 5th had also previously qualified. At the tournament, the 1st on the skills list won the tournament and won excellence. Another team that had already qualified won design (which qualifies them again). Did we qualify at the tournament?

For questions about qualification, we must look to the REC qualifying criteria
It says that “If a team that double qualifies from the event (not from previous events or other methods), that spot will go to the next highest unqualified team on the Robot Skills ranking at that event. There is no look-back to previous events to see if a team has previously qualified.”

If you mean within from outside that competition, then they still get take the qualification from that competition.

Because 5th previously qualified, but at a different event the first double-qualified spot still goes to them.

So if I understood your post (and the qualifying criteria) correctly, you didn’t qualify for regionals.