Did you get a blue screen while downloading code?

I got two BSODs in Vista, and in my other thread, someone gave me the idea for the poll.

LOL 3 for Vista including me. I’m getting 7 ASAP.

I haven’t gotten any BSODs while using easyc before.

I think Microsoft needs to slow down there production of OS’s. They should prefect one os then move on to the next.

I use Vista 64bit and RobotC and have never had any problems.

I have been working with the Prolific 2303 USB to Serial Adapter for over 7 years now.

I have seen everything from the BSOD when the Prolific 2303 is plugged in to the Computer, when an Application tries to Open the Com Port, or trying to send data through it.

More common is no BSOD, just no communication through the Adapter at all, or only at low BPS rates and not the Higher BPS rates.

Check the Version of your Prolific Drivers (in the Device Manager). Get the Latest Drivers (v1.0.3.11, which contains Win2000/XP v2.0.5.111 and Vista v3.3.3.114) and Install them.

Link to the Driver Page.