Did you make state?

Hey Guys, with the large responses to The Strongest Teams post, I just wanna know which teams have made it to state for their district?

We’re 2831A and we’ve made State for Georgia representing South Forsyth Middle School.

We’ve made it to the Georgia HS Vex Tournament, we’ve qualified 5 times, and counting.

We’re 91C (VEXMEN) and we just qualified for Pennsylvania states at the first competition this past Saturday.

We made it to state last year for skyrise.

I don’t think last year was Skyrise that was 3 years ago.
8410B and 8410C have not yet but it there are SD invites after Jan.

KIDS Inc will be represented by 621A, B, and C. All three of our teams have made it. Two of them have earned it and the other one is in on a gift.

How do you get qualified as a gift?

I think we have qualified 5 times so far, from 3 tournaments.

I think teams can be invited or something. That happened to us last year.

I have made it to the Tennessee state tournament.

1233f is double qualified

We are 56G and we, along with every other cape team competing this year, have qualified.

Oml I totally had a brain fart. Starstruck I meant lol.

We (3249A) made it to state last year for SS in Washington, and made it to worlds with an excellence award.

Are you sure about that sir?

We have made it to worlds every year and we have a skills score of over 9000. We win every china comp and have come to the US looking for a challenge. btw We are making a reveal video, stay tuned.:slight_smile:

Lol @Archimedes What a meme lord. I do, in fact, think that you’ve won worlds every year.

Same, but 4 times and counting

We have qualified for the Ohio State Competition three times so far this year.

Last week 99402D miraculously qualified for the Arkansas State Competition for the first time this year.