Didn't do well at regional / states. Teams double qualified. Saved by the skills list - 2022 edition

I’m in 28TH in my state. We could’ve totally won that tournament. Sadly I never made an auton to go for the middle goal, and that’s one of the main reasons we lost our match. Also we had a really bad alliance cuz the guy who was going to pick us didn’t even look at us the 5th time he made a pick, it was amazing.

Regional skills rankings are the best!

SoCal is so insanely rife with double quals that it is really the most consistent way to qual.

Thanks to our solid skills score, the seniors on our team (including me!) have just locked down our 4th worlds spot, all 4 years of high school.


Even NorCal is very rife with double qualifications.
Our team, 23900B, only got 290 points in combined skills and qualified!

We had only 5 matches at state this year so it ended up that some not very good teams were up there after qualifiers. The second place team fricked our alliance over so we got partnered with a not so good bot. After that, we got stuck on a ring in quarters and couldn’t park (our teammate couldn’t set goals on the platform or park). We were saved through the skills list because we got 360- would have been higher but program is do do.


In Change Up we had the second-best skills score in the South Dakota region(which isn’t very competitive). After the team that won state was triple qualified we were able to earn a spot in world’s which we elected not to take since it was online and didn’t seem like much fun.

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4 teams in my state (AZ) double qualified opening 4 more spots for teams!

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have you guys considered simply winning

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When I was in high school we got saved in 2019 via online challenges :slight_smile:

Online challenges are the clutch!


bruh it aint that easy especially in states that have really good teams. And some times it comes down to your luck if you have a really toughf schedule then u might be screwed or if you have motors blow out in the final rounds.

“I wish there was a downvote button” moment.


Came up a little short for me this year, but online challenges ftw in general.

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in Hawaii, 4142B and C made it to worlds through the skills ranking, further supporting Xenon’s statement about skills - it’s simply the most reliable way to get to worlds.

from my team, both 42700D and E got into worlds through the skills rankings. 42700D was on the cusp of the rankings but squeezed into the last slot. I’m happy to see D qualify as a senior team, and am excited to see what E has to offer at JROTC worlds and highschool worlds, as one of the highest performing freshman teams I think our organization has ever seen.


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