Difference Between a thread Evolving or going Off Topic

Hi Guys, there has been a lot of flagging for “off topic” content recently. I think that it is time that we truly define “Off Topic” so that peope who are just browsing the thread and seeing something different that what they clicked on don’t go on a flagging frenzy. Thanks for evolving the thread!

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off topic is basically where the post isn’t connected to the main post or arguments like a outspoken comment. some are a right flag and some are for no reason. You just have to be smart about it.

if you don’t like the thread just don’t read it at times as well and let Mods handle it


I will own it - I flagged because the subtopic chit-chat was in the context of technical discussions.

You will note now that “Chit-Chat / Rumor Mill” is no longer a subtopic of V5 or VRC topics.

Enjoy discussions that are community related vs topic !