Difference between flex wheels?

My team was looking at buying some flex wheels, and we noticed that on the VEX website, that there are two types. Normal and “Straight”
There doesn’t seem to be a difference, but I was just wondering if there was and if both are legal.

If you want legal ones go with the option on the left the “normal” flex wheels because they have the V5 tag, making them VRC legal. Most of the ones on the right as also VRC legal, however there are some illegal sizes on there right, so stick with the left one. FYI the illegal ones are the 5" ones in all durometers.


I believe they’re the same item just one has a more formal name.

Well, one of them is not vex legal and the pro on includes 5" flex wheels.

Thanks everyone! This clears it up a lot.

(we’re getting 4" anyway)

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