Difference between new and old battery chargers

Out of curiosity, what was the difference between the original smart charger and the smart charger V2?

There is no functional difference – we switched suppliers due to a circumstance outside our control. This is not an unusual thing.

In this situation we would typically keep the product P/N and name the same. However part of this change forced us to change the power connector. This change made the new charger not compatible with the old power cords, and vice-versa; which resulted in us creating a new P/N for this item and calling it “v2”.

At the same time, we change the charger color so it is obvious what charger is being used. We also took the opportunity to mold some plastic “fins” onto the top of the charger to help protect the switch.

There is no major advantage to using a V2 over an original Smart Charger. :slight_smile:

Thank you! :slight_smile: