Difference between robotc and c++

Hello all, i was wondering how hard a transition from robot c to c++

Depends on what you mean. It doesn’t have to be much of a transistion at all; some people write C++ as though its just C. But there are features of C++ you might find helpful.

Some of C++'s more advanced features can be difficult to wrap your head around if it’s the first time you’ve thought about such things. But you don’t have to use those features unless you’re maintaining code that already includes it. Modern C++ can be pretty daunting for a standard C coder to read if it includes a lot of those kinds of features.

So, what are you intending, or what are you really asking?

C++ has a ton of difficult to understand features if you are just coming from C
Though, you do not have to use these features so there is 0 learning curve just porting existing C code over
there are a few threads about moving from RobotC to PROS but i cba search for them

and if you would like to use the c++ STL at all I suggest reading my blog post: https://blog.pxtst.com/using-c-in-pros/

the biggest difference in even just ROBOTC vs C is header and source files. I suggest you read up on that before trying to make any kind of change or you will be very confused (as I was).

I’m surprised to hear that was an issue. I don’t really see how it could be, so obviously, I don’t uderstand the problem you had. I assume that’s because I have too much context. I’ve used C since 1984, at least, and C++ from before it was an actual language. Header and Source file issues are essentially identical, particularly if you’re using C++ to port C files.

What was the issue you had? This might help me explain things to some new programmers I help.

to be clear, I’m not talking about from C to C++, I’m talking about ROBOTC to C (PROS). I can’t remember what exact issues I was facing but I do remember that you have to do things differently in ROBOTC vs C.

Ah. That, I understand. That’s a pretty big transition.

I’d like to demonstrate PROS to some of the programmers we work with at some point. I haven’t, though I’m very comfortable with the build environment and the development cycle. But that will be a major part of the transition; just showing them how things are organized, and where and how changes are made.

yeah, the organization is what I had the most trouble with, and why I initially gave up on PROS.