Difference between V5 and Pro V5?

I have no idea if anyone is going to see this, but hey dudes! I am Geewoo Song from ACP-HS and trying to go back to robotics and I just have 1 question… what is the difference between VEXcode V5 and VEXcode Pro V5?
Like, which would be better for a returning beginner level?

V5 uses blocks while V5 pro uses C++ or something very similar. I think you could use either cause for basic code cause they probably do the same thing. Personally I use V5 pro because pretty similar to other coding environments such as eclipse which makes it easier for me to understand and integrate simple and more complicated code like classes. It also looks more like “real” code so maybe judges like it?

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VEXcode V5 has Scratch Blocks, Python and C++ integrated into the same environment. When creating a blocks program, you can see the Python or C++ being generated in the Code Viewer which makes it great for beginners. You can Also convert your program from blocks to one of the text languages to allow you to edit it in text too.

VEXcode V5 Pro is C++ using the Monaco editor. It’s a bit more advanced, but still contains lots of examples and information to help you get started.


I see… Thank you so much! This helps out a ton and based on the replies, I will be using Pro V5 as I also enjoy my code looking “official”

Thank You,
Geewoo Song

There’s also PROS which is even more open in terms of file structure and all that, definently for more advanced users but I recommend you at least consider it as a coding option. pros.cs.purdue.edu

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