Differences and Things I Need To Know

I’ve used V5’s C++ for a couple years, but now I plan to learn and use Pro V5’s C++. Is there anything extra I need to know to make the transition? Also, any guides might be useful.

Pro has dark mode, more advanced device configuration, and support for multiple files of code. Otherwise they are exactly the same. However, I would recommend using the vscode extension instead of vexcode pro, because vexcode pro is no longer being updated and vscode is a better software anyways (imo). vexcode in vscode has all the same features as vexcode pro + more because vscode is used by professional programmers (though it may be a little harder to set up). You can find guides in the Vex library


if you want to write code in college/as a profession, I would recommend using the VSCode extension for vex or use pros on VSCode. VSCode is the standard. (also vex stopped updating pro v5 so when new features come out they will come out on VSCode but not pro v5) the only downside i see to using VSCode is not having the graphical configuration tool.

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I know, you already marked it as solved, but…
I’d suggest moving to Visual Studio Code with the VEXCode extension instead.
VEX has (effectively) declared that VEXCode Pro is old now and they aren’t pushing updates, and they themselves suggest switching to VSCode with the extension. VSCode will also give you extra tools, like built-in Git integration and terminals as well as the ability to use PROS and other libraries.

VSCode would be a much better choice if you are wanting to major in Computer Science/make CS a career.