Different Controls

My vex iq claw control buttons were different from what they are now. How can I change it back to the original controls?

Can you describe how the controls now are different than they were before? Are the motor directions reversed? Are the controller buttons manipulating different motors than before?

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Are you using Teleop or driver control? If Teleop, then do you have a previous version of the code? Even if you don’t have a copy, with Teleop you can just update the code to what you want the controller to do. If you are using driver control, then you should look at which ports the motors are plugged into on the brain as those have default buttons assigned to them https://kb.vex.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035592512-Running-Driver-Control-Programs-on-the-VEX-IQ-1st-gen-Brain.

You can always just write a driver program and configure the controllers and motor group to what you want. You also might have switched ports for the motors.

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