Different driver controls?

I know that there are several different ways to control your robots, such as having both analogue sticks being each side of the robot’s wheels, and you steer like that; and arcade controls.

I wanna know if there’s any other ways of steering and driving, and furthermore what arcade controls actually ARE, and how you could program each different way. I haven’t quite gotten the ‘steering while driving’ thing concrete in my codes yet, which is to say that they don’t actually work.

You can setup driving any way you like. Just make the buttons/joysticks power the motors in the way you want them to spin.

My preference is to use Tank, and put strafing on the shoulder buttons. But then again, I never drove anything more complicated than a base.

Assuming four wheels you can do a few different drive styles. Some require a holonomic configuration (using mechanums or omni wheels in some sort of X/cross)

  1. Tank drive - most popular left and right sides independent on the two joysticks

  2. Arcade drive - one joystick telling the direction you want to move.

  3. “Halo drive” - very popular with holonomic drive bases. This combines arcade drive on the one joystick, spin control on the other. Just like the video game Halo.

  4. Field centric holonomic - this uses a gyro to adjust the coordinate system to stay relative to the field. When you go up, that has the robot move north on the field versus forward relative to itself.

  5. Crab drive - more of a drive than a control mechanism. You have the wheels turn to provide direction. So controls are similar to halo drive or field centric holonomic. Typically uses too many motors for Vex

Joystick accelerometers are amazing things. Not widely competition practical, but just remember there are actually six analog channels on your joystick. A lot of fun, actually. Like a gamepad.

For instance, a tank driver can use accelerometer y axis to strafe. With a deadband like 60 or 70. Cool, hun?