Different lifts?

What is the difference between a 4 bar, 6 bar, and 8 bar lift? Pictures would be great. Thnks in advance.

4 Bar

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6 Bar
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8 Bar

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4 bar
6 bar
8 bar

Essentially, these types of lifts have the purpose of maintaing the angle of what you are going to lift (an, intake, a tray, another robot) and obviously achieving a greater height. Depending on the purpose and the height you need to go, you choose the type of lift you want. The higher you want to go, the system gets more complex and the robot gets more weight and less stability. However, this year, you don’t need to reach very high so you can probably get away with using a simple arm or a 4 bar as a catapult
These link are very useful.

Don’t forget about the scissor lift!

Or a chain bar, quite similar to a 4 bar, except the parallelogram is formed by chain.

A bit different is also an elevator lift, probably a little harder to build, but can be done really well.

A six bar lift is pretty much a four bar lift stuck onto / extending another 4 bar lift. An eight bar is just sticking another 4 bat onto that. In this manner, you could keep extending the lift to meet whatever you’re needs require.

We could also mention the dr4b, the dr6b and the dr4/6b hybrid.

There is also the Double-Four bar, which ends up being a modified 8-bar with some different spacing. It basically makes Two four bars connected together by two bars in the middle instead of continuing the n-bar chain and making an 8bar. I had a four motor 1:7 one for skyrise and my team was state finalist and excellence for Virginia.Video It ended up lifting 3 cubes at once at about 6 skyrises at the bottom of the intake.
I’d stick just with a 6-bar this year since the needed height could be about 35".