Different mechanisms for Mobile Goals and Cones

Some teams I’ve been talking to have decided to make a different lift/manipulation mechanism for cones and mobile goals. Are you doing this? Why? Why not?


Here’s one for the mobile goals.

The mobile goals are quite a bit heavier than the cones and will likely have a different lifting surface. Also, the heights needed for each object is different. Plus, you are really only allowed to lift one cone at a time.

As I see it, there are 2 different lifting tasks

The first one, for the cones, has a comparatively (to the goal) lighter payload, will be used much more often, will have to lift higher (compared to the goal), needs to be more precise and it scores lots of small amounts of points

The other, for the goals, doesn’t lift anywhere near as high, is a much heavier payload, if the goals can be pushed over the starting bar, only has to work once (worst case it lifts 5 times - 4 goals into the 10 point zone and one of those again into the 20 point zone), does not have to be as precise in placement, scores relatively high points in less time

I think there is a case to optimize 2 different solutions

I agree that you wouldn’t want to approach both mobile goals and cones the same way. However, I’m not sure if an entirely separate mechanism is required… I can think of a few ways to feasibly use the same actual lift for both cones and mobile goals with some changes occurring mid-match.

How do you guys plan on lifting the mobile goal if using a separate mechanism? Say you use a rd4b with a chain lift for cones, where does the goal lift fit in?

I’m planning to have the rd4b attached to the middle of the robot and leave the other half open so that the goal will fit inside the drive. Then I’m wanting a couple c channels that are attached on a pivot to the drive base, then have a piston on each c channel to bring it up and it will catch the sides of the mobile goal to get it off the ground. Sorry if i didn’t explain it well; i may try and draw it later…

Pretty good idea but I would test the pistons to check if they have sufficient force to lift the mobile goal. Maybe you can insert double pistons on each c-channel if it’s not enough. :smiley: Grabbing the mobile goal is also an issue that has to be worked.

I calculated it out a while back and with a piston on each side i would be able to pick up a mibile goal about 20 times before the pressure gets low enough to not lift it up. With 2 reservoirs, that is; that also assumes that there’s no air loss with each stroke but with optimal positionig of the solenoid i should still be able to pick up 8 mobile goals before running out of air.

Sounds like you got it figured out! Can’t wait to see it working :smiley: