Different size hinges

Earlier today while building, i noticed we had 2 differently sized hinges. The first is approximately 1.5 inches wide (lets call this one hinge A) , and the second is 1.2-1.3 inches wide (hinge B) . hinge A lines up perfectly with the holes in a standard vex c- channel, while hinge B does not, thus presenting slight issues with our design. When i checked the online store, the hinge is described to be 1.3 inches long, like hinge B, but is depicted similarly to hinge A. the hinges in my possession have a distinct difference from one another, but the online store makes me question which one ( A or B) i will be buying.

If anyone has further knowledge on this topic, i would greatly apprecciate your input :smiley:

The vex hinges I have are 2.5" x 1.5", there is only one official part as far as I know.

I don’t have the parts near me at the moment, I will try to remember to check sizes tomorrow…

But I do know that we have two distinctively different hinge styles. I can’t remember if they are different sizes, but they are very different types of metal. I have no idea at what point we got different types of hinges, so many parts come and go…but I do know for sure they are VEX parts.

I think VEX changed the width of the hinges at some point. We have some older ones that are less wide and newer ones that wider.

There are definitely two different sizes but the ones I’ve got in the past few seasons are the wider style. I actually much prefer the older ones because they can be cut in half without becoming really wobbly and they are more compact.