different sizes of collar setscrews

I seem to have to different lengths of set screws. One that came with the collars recess, ones I ordered from Vex stick up a bit and collide with plate when axle is through hole in corner. Anyone else see this?

Have not seen this, but then again we would not normally have structure so close to a collar. I just checked a standard set screw from a collar and it measures at 0.125 inch (1/8 inch), looks like it would need to be at least 0.150 inch (5/32 inch) to be outside the collar diameter. The VEX replacements are supposed to be 0.125 inch as well, what do yours measure as ?

What I noticed was that our (very) old collars had the longer setscrews, and that the newer collars have the shorter ones. I do not believe that we have ever bought replacement setscrews from VEX, but I would have assumed that they had rolled out the shorter version for those by now, as well. Interesting.


This is correct.