Different Types of Transmissions

Recently, our forum has been pretty hyped-up about ‘Taiwan’ transmissions, differential transmissions, planetary gearset transmissions, etc.

My question is, what makes these transmissions better than pneumatic transmissions that simply shift two sets of gears?


The only advantage I see is that you won’t have to use pneumatics.

but you need more motors

With a planetary you can still get 2 motors per side for a 4 motor drive.

and programming it is simply to reverse one motors direction

Pneumatic transmissions can also jam if the gears don’t line up exactly.

Would Planetary gearsets technically be transmissions? Transmissions shift and Planetary’s just change the drive gear

well depends on your definition of “transmission”
to me, its a “contraption” that allows you to change gear ratios (HS, HT)

Every planetary transmission/differential transmission I’ve seen on here would need some kind of lock for the high-torque mode to actually work. That lock would probably be pneumatics.

So the advantage to the transmissions that you’ve seen here is not that they don’t need pneumatics, it’s that they transition smoothly from one gear to the next. There is no disengaging gears and then reengaging gears. All of the gears stay engaged, you just change the directions of the inputs.

The simple gear-sliding transmissions I think are still better than (although not as cool as) the planetary/differential ones. There are very efficient ways to make a gear-sliding transmission that only involve adding two axles between the motor and the wheel.

Also, the planetary transmissions actually have 3 gears. Hs Ht and normal, which is when they are not moving.

he was talking about settings high speed high torque
planetaries without a secondary mechanism only have 2 settings
motor1 forward motor2 backward
motor1 forward motor2 forward

What do you mean?

if you would like me to explain how it worked just ask

Yes, this. How does the cylinder shift the axles? I’d be interested to see how specifically you did that (I have my own ideas, but I’ve never actually seen one of these before).

You could take out the first two axles and replace them with chain and a sprocket that slides on the shifting axle (it’s a little narrower than the sliding gear).

wasnt me this is team 10d
there are c channels on each side the c channels have 1 by 25s between the two gears
so when it pushes it pushes one side 1 inch hits wall and pushed other side 1 ince

I put a post here, which you may find useful:

Cool, I was wondering if there was really 2 motors worth of torque. Thanks for the description - Kb