Different way to sort balls (Change Up)

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Bottom roller always spins up and depending on which way the top roller spins it will spit out the balls or keep moving them up.


Care to elaborate?


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Clever idea. will it have enough traction though?

is this on the back or the front of your robot?

Also either way, this will cause big deadzone issues


I was planning on having it having long flaps with metal on the back to increase compression. It’s also on the back of the robot. I don’t think dead zones will be an issue because of how close the rollers would be to the ball.

so you’re thinking 1m front indexer/whatever powershared to bottom back outtake and 1m top back outtake?

The other alternative is something like what taran showed in his “Possibly OP Powersharing technique” video to have a 1m front thing and 1m back outtake


by the looks of the robot, it looks like it has a ratchet (maybe?)

The back roller would also help with moving the balls up so it would still have a decent amount of power moving the balls. Also without a back roller the ball would spin while moving up decreasing the efficiency. So this design might be more efficient than a trapdoor.

It has a similar ratchet design to taran’s video but I compacted it down to 3 holes

You could always have chain on the sides with a loose enough grip to allow this to work. This would definitely require some kind of motor sharing though.

This is a really good idea, but I’d be worried about dead zones. There could be a passive door that opens in tandem with the back out take; otherwise it’s defaulted down with rubber bands. It could be ratcheted off the top indexer.

This would mitigate the dead zone significantly and also allow for more consistency with the trajectory of the flywheel (because now the ball has contact with the rollers throughout the whole robot).


So basically have a trap door and this design.

I had though about this, but I don’t think it’s doable with the dead zones. the ball will just spin in that area between the rollers.
a trapdoor is pretty simple, and probably more effective at this.


You could extend the top roller down, turning it into a conveyer belt. This would eliminate any deadzones. Make the conveyer belt dangle freely.

If you wanted to eject a ball, simply spin the motor, and it will reverse the rollers, which will lift the conveyer belt and eject the ball. Otherwise the conveyer will function normally and funnel the balls upwards

In other words, trapdoor, but the trapdoor is a conveyer belt that assists in moving balls up and spitting them out.

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I don’t have many vex ball sorters to show over here.

but here’s one from our FGC 2017 - https://blankrobotics.smugmug.com/FGC-2017/i-nMmw8hg/A

You can watch from about 0:56 min to 1:16min .

Just a simple colour sensor with a simple trapdoor to divert the balls accordingly.
The concept can be easily adapted for this season game.


You might be able to eliminate dead space by adding stand-offs on rubber links or a passive trapdoor that opens from the force of the ball.


Uh… It looks interesting.

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