Differential frame-uses??

Dont rc and everyday cars use differential frames to turn the axles good
i think they do but just wonderin cause i noticed that when i turned a rc cars back wheels manualie they turn different ways and dont click they way do when the motors r on

I moved this thread into the General forum. There is no part of your question that requires an “expert”, or “official” tech support answer.

Yes, I believe many RC cars DO use differentials. One common sign that a differential is in play:

-Lift the rear wheels off the ground.
-Spin one of the rear wheels with your hand.
-Does the other wheel turn in the opposite direction? If so, the RC car has a differential similar to the one found in the Vex Advanced Gear Kit.

Note: Not all differentials will exhibit these exact characteristics (see, limited slip differentials).


Real cars also use differentials, although these are significantly more complicated than the relatively simplistic one included in the Vex Advanced Gear Kit, the concepts are the same.


Note, Advanced Gear Kit Instructions have been posted: