Difficulty of descoring from goals

How hard do you think it is to remove balls from the bottom of a goal? In the reveal it seems like the opening to the goal is slightly smaller than the ball, so you need to sort of pop the ball out. I can’t tell how difficult it will be to do this, and I wonder if rollers will be strong enough. What are your thoughts?

This is a gif of what I’m talking about

I don’t think it’s too hard as I think the whole goal assembly has a fair bit of give in it allowing the ball to slightly force the goal upwards and pop out

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My team is waiting for elements in the mail but most likely if the vex claw bots from the reveal can do it rollers can too


If you look at Appendix A, the balls are listed as having a diameter of 6.30 inches. The distance betwen the two bottom rings on the side and corner goals is 6.13 inches. Thus, there is 0.17 inches of interference (a little under 3/16 of an inch). I expect it will take some force, but looking at the clawbot, the arm doesn’t deflect that much sideways, so it shouldn’t be too bad.


I agree that it probably doesn’t take that much force to get the ball out, but I’m still not convinced rollers are the way to go. I’m concerned that if the rollers are angled so that they lift up the ball (which in most designs they are), then the ball will just get stuck under the top of the opening and won’t come out.

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I mean to remedy this you could always do horizontal rollers instead if your fear is the ball getting stuck. Plus the angled roller problem is a matter of positioning the rollers right so that even if they’re angled the balls can’t get get stuck because there’s more force pulling them out than anything else.

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Be careful with how u do that, a head ref could call it as entanglement or destruction of field elements depending on how rough u do it