Digital Design Notebooks

In the Town Hall meeting tonight Dan Mantz mentioned that there due to Covid, there would be some changes to judging in competitions, especially for the Design Award. He said that this year digital notebooks would be accepted.

I was wondering what (preferably free or inexpensive) software might be useful for teams starting a digital design notebook, and the pros and cons there are for the options.


He did not say that. He merely hinted that.

We still don’t have any documented rules about how judging will work this year and how it will differ from previous years.

It is probably best to wait for the actual rules (Judge Guide) to be released before jumping to conclusions.


I am a teacher, team mentor and an EP, not a student. I don’t think I’m jumping to conclusions. Dan specifically stated his reasons for not wanting to do digital notebooks in the past, and then said that this season would necessitate the change to accepting them. You are correct that we do not yet have an updated Judge’s Guide, which hopefully we will get at the EP summit in two weeks.

That said, in my personal situation, my robotics teams are a part of a class that I am currently developing the distance learning curriculum for. My school starts August 3, and in order to plan for the upcoming semester, I would like to check out some of the options that might exist so that I can research them over summer break. I know that some teams, especially VEX U teams have been very successful with using digital notebooks in the past, and I would love to hear what platforms they used as well as what they liked and didn’t like about them. I’m sure others would be interested in this information as well.


I apologize for perhaps coming across the wrong way. This is what I get for being half-distracted while composing my reply…

What I was trying to convey is that it is important to avoid coming across (whether to your students or to anyone that might stumble upon this thread) as having details about RECF’s plans, when indeed those details do not exist yet.

Identifying and looking into some potential electronic notebook solutions may be worthwhile, but we have no idea at this point which, if any, of them will actually be legal.


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