Digital Engineering Notebook Submission Question

We registered for a remote skills competition and we have to submit an engineering notebook for it, but we don’t know how. We made a digital notebook and we looked at the Judge Guide Addendum, which clearly stated that the Event Partner must clearly communicate the form or method for the coach to
submit the notebook. However, we don’t know who the Event Partner is. Also, we know who the primary and secondary contacts are, but we don’t know if they are the Event Partners. Please help…


Most of the time, in my experience, the primary contact is the EP. If they aren’t you could ask them who the EP is.


The RobotEvents page for the event in question should have information about how notebooks will be submitted, and/or the EP should send you information about how to submit your notebook before the deadline to do so.

If neither of those are true, and the event is soon, email the event’s contact(s) (as listed on the RobotEvents page) for more information.