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How would you set a low on a digital out using EasyC? I’ve figured out how to output a high, but not a low. I’m using the digital output box, and when I set it to 1 it puts out 5 volts from white to black, and when I set it to 0, it turns off. I am under the impression that a low would be sent from red to black; I thought I heard that somewhere on the forum. With a voltmeter, I am getting a constant 5 volts from red to black. Can someone please explain this to me? I think I’m not remembering correctly, and I’ve tried searching the forum to no avail.


Uh, isn’t a “low” 0 or less volts? “high” is on, “low” is off? Am I missing something?

The white wire is the signal wire, black and red are just the power lines so, they should always be 5v. When you use a digital output, you are sending the highs and lows to the white wire only.

The Vex Outputs are Transistor to Transistor Logic( TTL ) which are 5 ( Five ) Volts for a High and 0 ( Zero ) Volts for a Low.

With a Standard like RS-232 ( Electronics Industries Association (EIA) standard RS-232-C%between% ), the Transmitter is to use +12V and −12V, but requires the receiver to distinguish voltages as low as +3V and -3V. IIRC, the High is a Positive Voltage and the Low is the Negative Voltage. 1 ]

Make sure you have ground connected, the white wire will carry the positive voltage when turned on and the ground carries the negative voltage. The red wire is useless in this case unless it is for supplying the power.

The wire can source enough current to drive an led but anything larger will require an amplification circuit.

Most of the time a 0 stands for low and a 1 stands for high, so set that port to 0 and it should go low.

You can check out my video or follow Quazar’s diagram, both are equally easy. In my video the yellow wire would be the white wire and the red and black wires would be the same.

My Video

Quazar’s Diagram

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