Digital I/O

How much current can the +5V pins supply on the ANALOG INPUTS and DIGITAL IN/OUT headers?

The total combined current that can be supplied from all 16 Analog and 18 Digital +5V Power header pins is 1 Amp. The 1 Amp max can come from a single +5V Power pin.

Are there any digital i/o pins on the frc controller which are directly controlled by the user processor (even something off-the-wall like the control lines on the programming port or an analog pin which could be temporarily reassigned)? I’d like to use a pin which is directly controlled by the user code and user processor for timing the execution of some of my code.

Yes, all the digital i/o pins on the FRC are controlled by the User processor. See the Analog and Digital Inputs pdf on the FRC web page for a schematic view.

Pins 1-6 are electrically different than the others. (they are also capable of generating interrupts). Is there a place to find the schematic for the input pins? Motivation for question is that the rise time on Input 7 and up are very much slower than for 1-6, so wonder what i need to do to get the Sig back to +5 faster. (eg. maybe not use an open collector driver, but instead actively drive the signal to +5).

These inputs have internal pull-ups and are also used for in-circuit programming; therefore, the electrical circuit had to be different. The Analog Digital Inputs schematic page on our web site has been updated to show these inputs.

Could we use the charge from a Digital I/O pin set on the RC to power a single solenoid, or do we have to go through the relay pins and a spike?

**You must follow FIRST Rules. As for is it possible, you must check the current required for your solenoid, the Digital pins can only source about 7mA.

What is the maximum voltage allowed on the Digital Input? What is the maximum voltage needed to see a 0? What is the minimum voltage needed to see a 1?

**The max voltage for a Digital Input is +17.5V for one input only provided all other Digital and Analog Inputs max voltage is +5V. You can have up to 6 Digital Inputs at +15V provided all other inputs max voltage is +5V. These are max ratings and all voltage spikes must not exceed these ratings regardless of duration.

A low or “0" must be +0.8V or less and a high or “1" must be +4.0V or greater, up to the max voltage.**