Digital Notebook Ending Half Filled Pages

I know that for a paper notebook if you still have room on a page, you put a line through it and put your signature next to it. what would you do for a half filled engineering Notebook?

Glass half full? I guess for digital notebook, you should only create the pages you have something to document… otherwise the document will look weird?

Just a heads up that the line through unused parts of pages aren’t required anymore, although if you’re like me, I still like having those anyways because it gives me a better feeling of completion.

Now to provide my thoughts on your question, I think something that would work well for this is to explain why your team decided to only fill in half of your notebook and moving on to the next one, and then cross out the pages. I’m pretty sure team 515R did something similar to this, as explained in their video, which I will link here: ,and they had outstanding engineering notebooks, so I would definitely recommend checking it out!

Hope I was able to help you, and happy notebook documenting!


You do not need to cross out pages that are unfilled (assuming those are saved for future documentation). I would recommend only crossing out blank space on pages you have already created.

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I am sorry I should have clarified and I see my question was worded poorly. I am talking about when I finish a page but have room left on that page

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No worries! I think to answer your question, view my older post under this topic. It should, hopefully, help you!