Digital Notebook Question

My team is doing a digital notebook via Rocketbook this year. The major question that arose while we were discussing this, was “Do they want us to turn it in one continuous document or in a series of PDFs?” The obvious answer in my mind was one continuous document, but I was just looking for an official answer to this question, just to make sure we are doing everything right.

For VexIq I heard they want us to do it on paper or else you won’t be able to win Notebook award

This is incorrect, let’s consult the Judge’s Guide Addendum:

Nothing in the addendum specifies that digital notebooks are any less eligible for any award than hand-written notebooks.

So for events with in-person (i.e., “normal”) judging, having a digital notebook is fine, just print out the notebook and submit it as normal.


Oh looks like I read the manual worng

There are a lot of documents you need to mind. The game manual only covers teamwork and skills.

This is the go-to spot for information.


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