Digital Notebook


I am going to become a captain of a highschool vrc team this year. In order to maximize our time and efficiency, our team has decided to try out a digital notebook. However, we are unsure which program would be best for our digital notebook.

We’ve thought about google docs, but I’m not sure if there’s something better. Plus we would like to have automatic time stamps rather than something manual so that it seems more reliable in judges eyes.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

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our teams uses google slides, we changed the slide size to be vertical and made our own template 10/10 would definitely do it again.


Our team uses google docs. It’s a great way to organize stuff since you can have a lot of this on there. There are markers that can be automatically generated so we use that too.

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I recommend google slides. It is easy to use and most people know how to use them.

Thanks! I think my team will try out slides and have google docs be our back up.

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