Digital Notebooks

Is there currently a Vex digital notebook platform online?

I don’t think so, but there are threads with questions and answers on digital notebooks and what people have done with them so far. If you check those out you could probably get a good idea of where to go to look more into that


Vex has not specifically designated a program that must be used to make a “digital notebook”. Probably because program usage across countries and schools varies widely and it is easier to list a couple criteria that need to be met than go list off all the possibilities.

To quote the Judges Guide Addendum:

Digital Engineering Notebooks may take any form that is accessible by clicking a link
without any special software other than a web browser or PDF reader

Anything meeting those conditions can be a “digital notebook”. My team uses Microsoft OneNote for our digital notebook.
For some more somewhat related information, here is a link to some resources on the RECF website


We are using Google Docs for simplicity and effectiveness, but I have heard good things about GitHub, GitLab, and elabFTW.


When we did our competition last week we had our normal engineering design books and had to scan the pages which we then sent to them.

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