Digital physical notebook

to any resident judges here: I’m sure its not flat out illegal, as digital notebooks are allowed, so I guess what I’m asking is how do you guys feel about a physical notebook with digital components, linked either with a qr code or nfc tag. As a judge, I’d assume you’d have your phone on you, and probably some sort of computer or tablet in the room, so it wouldn’t be too inconvenient, would it?
I’ve worked on my notebook since may and while I do believe that it can stand alone in judging and in documentation, there are some digital files and whatnot that I would like to be presented along side it.

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Judges will be set up for either fully electronic or fully paper notebooks. If I were were reviewing a physical notebook, I probably wouldn’t follow any digital components. There’s no guarantee that there will be phone signal for my phone (at the expo center in KY, there wasn’t, except for a small hot-spot), and there’s rarely a computer in the judging room.

My advice: use the rubric as a guide to make your notebook, and show me the digital elements during your interview. Remember, like a resume, the notebook gets you the interview, it’s your job during the interview to convince me that your earned an award.


I’ve been putting QR codes into my notebook for the fun of it. But judges won’t have time to ever scan any of them.

You may as well put attach the digital files to your notebook with a link or QR code. It means everything is collected for future reference. (If it’s like a program, I would have a screenshot of your code/describe your file in the journal as well, as physical proof).


There are two choices for an event partner to use regarding notebooks and judging. Judging can be either in-person or virtual. If in person, the expectation is that the notebooks will be hard copy which comes with the expectation that everything will be present in that hardcopy of the notebook. If the judging is virtual, then the expectation is that the notebooks will be wholly digital. There is NO provision for a hybrid hard copy/digital notebook.