Digital port 9 thru 12, what can you do with them?

I was wondering why i am not able to properly use digital ports 9 thru 12 on the cortex as i have 2 limit switches connected to it and what happens is that it gives the error: “Port 9 out of range”. i understand that these ports can be used as interrupts. can someone give me some clarification on what has happened? i will post the code in google drive link if you would like to see what i did. For a heads up this was done in easy c for you guys to know.


The default configuration that EasyC uses is that ports 9 through 12 are setup as outputs. A limit switch needs the digital port to be an input, hence the “port out of range” error if you use port 9. You can change which ports are inputs or outputs in the EasyC configuration dialog.