anyone know how to control individually addressable RGB LED’s using the Vex Cortex?

Yeah. Do you have a certain brand you are looking at? We have the APA102 based ones from working on ours using 2 digital ports on the Cortex.

i have a ws2812b. which has power, data and ground. i’ve gotten in to work with the neopixel libary for arduino. The power delivery is done, i just need to use the cortex instead of an arduino to send the digital signal.

I don’t know if the Cortex can handle those small of timings (fractions of microseconds) , even with PROS. (I’m sure it can, but maybe not with the Vex Firmware.) But if you do the Arduino on a breadboard, use the internal crystal, and feed off the Cortex serial port for power and data, you could probably still use them and have minimal extra circuitry. You would just need to come up with a simple communication protocol between the Cortex and ATMega.

Although, at this point we are pushing the boundaries of what is legal, but as long as it is strictly non-functional, you should be ok. Someone else might have more experience with extremely precise timing on the Cortex though.

Not legal…

I totally forgot about that, and it was recent too. So yeah, I’m gonna say unless you can find a specialized circuit for driving those LEDs, those probably aren’t going to work with a Cortex.