Digital Workbooks/notebooks in 2021-2022 Season

Hi there guys from my knowledge the 2020-2021 season implemented the ability to use digital workbooks while still receiving the bound workbook points. I would like to have confirmation on this before we commit to digital vs handwritten workbook as digital would be preferred.
Thanks - Jacob


EDIT: see @StuartV below - maybe that’ll be added to the other dicsussion.

That’s a pertinent question, raised here too: Will digital notebooks be allowed this year? It doesn’t appear to have been resolved, but in the meantime, there’s some interesting discussion to read through.

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Thank you sorry couldn’t find another post asking this guess I didn’t search hard enough :laughing:

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No problem at all! I just did a couple of searches trying to imagine your perspective and that thread didn’t come up.

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Currently according to the Engineering Notebook Rubric there are different points available depending if the notebook is physical or digital. Bounded vs Timestamps.

Five (5) points if notebook is bound. If a Digital
Engineering Notebook or a printed copy of one,
five (5) points if the entries contain a time stamp
that can be confirmed.


Thank you I am going to go off the assumption of this being the case for this season aswell and hope Vex doesn’t change it :smiley:

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They hopefully shouldn’t change it too much.