Just A Few Hours Ago I Bought A License For RobotC, And So Far, My Coding Is Not That Bad, However, I Can Not Seem To Figure Out How To Program Digital Outputs. . . Any Help Is Greatly Appreciated.

Use the command “Motors and Sensors Setup” that is found on the “Robot” menu within the ROBOC IDE. This is a wizard that will create a series of “#pragma” statements at the beginning of your program that configure the motor and sensor ports.

You want to set the sensor type to “digital out”. I recommend using ports 9 to 16 for digital outpus as they must be higher number than the highest numbered analog port.

Within your program you can then write to the output using the “SensorValue” array variable. For example, if it was port “in9” you’d use

SensorValue[in9] = 0;  // turn off
SensorValue[in9] = 1;  // turn on

Awesome. Thanks A Lot.