Dimensions Constraints

Are there any constraints on the dimensions of the robot? I am currently using 4 of the 18" (45cm) C-Channels to form the outer boundaries of the robot, on the outside of which I will add 4 wheels? Would that be legal?

Friendly reminder: Almost all of the questions you have can be answered by going through the rule book for the game, including sizing for robots.

The max size a robot can be for inspection is 18" by 18" by 18". Be sure to check the rule book before posting questions next time.

I don’t think you understood my question

Do my wheels count as part of the 18 by 18 by 18 limit

From the Turning Point PDF rules, from R1:

Essentially anything that is on your robot is part of that limit.

And including the zip ties and screws or nuts that might be sticking out…

I remember in Starstruck early season we had gone for a high hang and one of the zipties for routing wiring was sticking downwards (we had an elevator-style high hang), taking away the high hang status… I’ve hated size constraints ever since.

In addition to the points above about no parts being outside the cube, I would also note that you don’t have 18" C-channel. 35 holes is 34 X 1/2" space between their centers. Then you have another 1/4" at each end. That’s 17.5", which is handy since the smallest bending outward of any sort or smallest deviation from 90 degrees at the corners would make an 18"x18" theoretical, horizontal square be illegal.

Theres a sizing tool you can purchase off the vex market or you can build your own. Pretty handy tool to check if your robot is within the frame perimeter

Your wheels are part of the robot, so yes they count as part of the 18 by 18 by 18 limit. NO part of your robot can extend outside of that limit at the start of the match. As others have mentioned, please obtain and read the Game Manual, that will answer a LOT of your questons.

Your wheels would count against your size, if your wheels go outside the 18 inches then your robot will not pass inspection. I hope this awnseres your question