Dimensions for Fling Robot

Anyone have the dimensions of the completed Fling robot?

Hi Jaime, welcome to the forums. A couple things that will be helpful to you as a new user:
In the upper right of your screen you’ll find the search bar…an extremely useful to search before asking a question (in addition to not getting flamed by “less patient but well meaning” forum members).

A quick search pulls up this thread which you might find helpful: Is Fling legal?

We’re assuming you’re asking the questiong to see if the “fling” trainer is legal for competition…and the trainer would be legal, provided it is built very, very carefully. Generally, however, a better route would be to use the Fling trainer as a training exercise, before going through the design process to build your own unique design.


Thanks for the quick response, but I already know Fling is legal. And I did complete a search prior to posting!

  • I am literally just looking for the actual measurements of the robot once the build is complete. L X W X H

Welp, I guess there is only one way to find out. Keep us up to date after you complete your build.


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