Disabling Kiosk Mode

When trying to use a joystick connected to my computer via USB stick to operate a robot tethered to the same computer via USB, I encountered some problems. I went to the settings of RobotC to try and alter some things to permit joystick operation. Unfortunately, I enabled “Kiosk Mode” while searching the settings. In the current state, RobotC will only allow me to edit files and “upload” them to the robot; I cannot edit settings or even close the RobotC window currently without a direct interference from my computer. There is no apparent way to access settings at this time, and the current compilation target is set to “PC-Based Emulator,” so no code will properly upload. Are there any suggestions of how to remedy this malfunction that recurs even after I close and restart the program? I am working with VEX EDR, and ROBOTC for VEX Robotics 4.x.

EDIT: I can upload code to the cortex. It seems as though “Kiosk Mode” has edited the settings. This has still left the settings editor disabled, which creates an immense inconvenience for the team.

CRTL-SHIFT-ALT-K will toggle Kiosk mode

CTRL-SHIFT-ALT-M will toggle display of the main menu (and allow you to uncheck kiosk mode in the pref menu)