Disabling PROS port disconnection warnings

I have an issue that is mildly annoying me. Whenever a motor or controller of any kind is disconnected from the system, PROS puts up a dialogue box displaying a warning of disconnection. However, this warning is redundant, as vexos displays one in addition, and the warnings continue even after the port is restored and the dialogue is dismissed. I would like to disable the port warnings outright. Does anyone know how this might be done? Thanks.

The redundancy of the double warning has already been filed in this issue.
Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a way at this time to disable either warnings, the VexOS warning can only be disabled by a new update to VexOS, and the PROS warning can only be disabled by changing the PROS source to remove the warning (which only PROS devs can do because only they have the files necessary for compiling), so a fix would come in the form of an update.

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