Disappearing Skills Scores

I was just checking for any discrepancies between my skills rankings and the official RobotEvents ones, and noticed something odd with an event.

The event “BC Season Opener and Qualifier” on 16-17 October originally had skills scores added to it (as can be seen on VexDB) but now appears to have all the scores removed and replaced by a single score of 1 for 2C on RobotEvents - a team that didn’t even register in the original skills results.

Can anyone shed any light on this? Any of the teams who were there whose skills scores have now disappeared - were you aware of this?

There’s also another event (VexDB, RobotEvents) from October 10th which still hasn’t been added to the official global rankings list…

This is not an official answer, but I was told that the BC Season Opener and Qualifier’s skills runs were going to be removed because we were allowed to load all of the balls from a single starting tile without having to move to the other colour.

That’s strange… because the recent Wisconsin competition seem to have interpreted the rules similarly as well. But the score remained in the system.

I assumed something like that would be the case, but then why give a team that didn’t even attempt any skills runs a score of 1 for each? That seems completely suspicious and just plain wrong…

It would definitely be encouraging if they are addressing this.

nallen01, You are discussing tourneys in October, correct? you mentioned August, I assume by mistake.

Karthik has answered the question of whether it’s necessary to change coloured tiles in this thread:
That probably means that 2527A’s score, along with any other tournament that followed the same rules will have their skills scores removed eventually.

If the EP didn’t tick the “Include Skills in Global Ranking” box it won’t show up.

Also of note there’s a requirement for events to have 16+ registered teams in order for skills scores to be included in the global rankings. At the moment there doesn’t appear to be any mechanism to validate this and I can point out a couple of events where registered team count is < 16 and scores have been included in the global rankings. Perhaps you could make a query which filters these out?

Whoops! This is what happens when I write a post in a rush :stuck_out_tongue: Yes I meant October

Is this a setting on RobotEvents? I’m not sure that there’s any way I can see that flag so I don’t really know what to do about that… That could be the reason for it not appearing in the official rankings though.

You mean these events with < 16 teams also appear in the official RobotEvents rankings, right? I can see a few examples in the official rankings like that too. If RobotEvents was filtering them out then so would I - but if they’re leaving them in there then I’ll leave them too for completeness sake.

Yes… we were told by the Singapore rep that all events need to be more than 16 teams to be included in the official results.