disaster at Radio Shack

so i went to online and started looking for VEX kits at the radio shack website…its only 99.99$
i found one 10 miles away and one 30 miles away

so i called for the one 10 miles away…and the manager there said that he has one in stock
then i also called the 30 miles away one and they said the same

so i decided to go to the nearest store to order it from the one 10 miles away…cause i didnt have my car at that time and the store was 2 mins walk…
they said that the VEX ppl “just,” (in a span of 2 mins) recalled the VEX kits for some reason! and they were all gone from the entire state!!!1

so much for cheap stuff!

does anyone know they were recalled?
and does anyone know if they are willing to sell their kit for 100$ or less???

if so…please reply!!!


They started selling the kit scheap to get rid of them because radioshack is no longer the supplier of vexso they sold everything as cheap as they could. As for the recall I’m not sure maybe it had to do with all the microcontroller issues

whats wrong with the microcontroller?

and do u know who is going to sell them now?? besides www.vexlabs.com ?

vexlabs is going to be the only supplier for a while. I think eventually I heard they plan on expanding who sells the kits and accessories but I doubt that’ll happen for a while.

Thats a bunch of bull from radio shack. I’ll tell you my recent experiences.

I went earlier last week to buy some more vex parts i went to 5 different radio shacks and was greeted with a nasty attitude from the managers and employees. But that didn’t stop me. I finally ran into a woman by the name of mitzy who was the manager of the one i stoped at she went as far as regional to get me all teh stuff that i wanted about 200 bucks worth. Fyi found all the chain and sprocket kits they are in the carribian and that other place can’t rememebr but we found 40 kits but she couldn’t order from there due to tarrifs that add 30$ for the first pound of merchandise to be shiped out i offered to pay it but her distrrict manager said no. the reason that you got a rude comment is that every time vex stuff shows up in a radio shack store the store manager LOOSES money selling the item they still have to pay the normal price that they once started paying for it. which mitzy told me that she would loose 80$ dollars in profits to get me what i wanted. she said that it didn’t matter that it’s all about customer service. She is my heroion (spelling). anyway it’s best to get a ride to the 10 miles away store if you can to get it from them directally. and just so that you know we found everything i was looking for but the tank tread kit. :slight_smile: So be presistant and i hope all works for you

At my local 3 radioshacks when I asked about Vex parts they looked at me like I was retarded and said they hadn’t heard of it. I dont buy the parts our scholl does, anyway I was going to donate the parts I wanted to use on the robot but, like I said no parts at the Radioshack. So we buy from vexlabs.com. We did find 8 kits for $100 eack and were going to buy them but another local teacher bought them instead. I should probably go jump him for them

that sux

anyway, I heard from radio shack that they will be receiving the kits back from Texas, where vex labs is located, in 2-3 weeks!!!

hopefully, they will be available then…for the same price

[FONT=Arial][FONT=Verdana]RadioShack’s license from IFI to sell Vex products expires on March 31, 2007. By contract, they are not permitted to sell beyond this date which explains why they are clearing their remaining Vex inventory below cost. [/FONT][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][FONT=Verdana]There are some good deals to be had but beware as we have had several customer complaints about missing components in the $100 Vex kits. The full assortment of Vex products will continue to be available on www.vexrobotics.com[/FONT][/FONT]

i have one question John V-Neun, why do all of the vex robotics links still have the URL: www.vexrobotics.com, and not www.vexlabs.com?

If you try typing in, www.vexrobotics.com , it diverts you straight to the vexlabs site…

Why change when theres not a problem?

fortunately, radio shack now has 2 kits 10-15 miles from my area…looks like VEX shipped them back to Radio Shack!!!

so that GREAT NEWS FOR ME!!!

best thing is…they r only 99.99$
so I save 200$$$$$$$$$$…WOOT!!!

They said that they VEX had to add something to the kits, thats y they tok them back in the first place!

so now I can work on my TOMAHAWK project.

-have fun

radio shack doesn’t want to sell the kits anymore cause if they do sell it they will have a loss of $200.
So I went to a store 10 miles away ans their they were about to ship the robot kit by putting the “defective” label on it just so that ppl wont buy them!!!
lol…they tried to own me…but I OWNED THEM!!!
i bought that kit for 99.99 right before they were about to ship them!

the manager there is a friend f my friend. and he said that that kit has nothig wrong with it!


but the title page says vexlabs, it just doesn’t seem all that hard to change. but i do know that it just links to the same page.


I went to a Radio Shack in Manhattan and met a really nice manager who personally ran around town picking up VEX kits ($99) and battery packs for me. I needed 5 kits and 4 battery packs for a robotics class I’m teaching at a high school. He said only kits and battery packs were available. Some of the stores kept 1 or 2 kits plus a battery pack after they stopped selling VEX. The class started February 1, so maybe I was just lucky.

You can walk 10 miles in 2 minutes?!?WOW YOUR FAST XD

In the intention of, going later to the store 10 miles away…

He says he was going to a closer store to order it from the farther store…

Noone can walk 10 miles in 2 minutes…

Except maybe my little brother after too much sugar…:smiley:
(he’s 10)

I took a road trip this week on business and on the way I acquired every starter kit between Shreveport and Dallas. I only got four. But they are for sale for $199+shipping. Buy low, sell high. The great thing is that even at that price, they are 33% off the Vexlabs price.

Actually, I didn’t get them all. There is a Radio Shack franchise store in Wills Point, TX that refuses to sell them for less than his cost. (Reportedly $218) He has three starter sets and a number of accessories.

u can get them for $100

Does this mean that it is now impossible to buy them at radioshack, or is it possible that some might still have a few kits hidden in there?