disaster at Radio Shack

What about ebay. That’s where I got mine.

I have been unable to find anything but the Crystal Upgrade kits on Ebay lately. I got 2 kits back in the summer of '06 when they were half off… I’ve probably since bought at least $300 in accessories from Vexlabs and several other items I’ve randomly found at RadioShacks in the area.

By now most radioshacks do not have kits.

That is correct. Radio Shacks now only have the battery packs. It is only a matter of time before that is gone too.

radioshack also has antenna replacements if u break the one on ur vex controller.

But not a Vex product. Any RC store would have them, too.

I was in my two local RadioShacks today and saw two powerpacks, one was $25 and the other $30… i almost picked up the $25 one but i needed some LED’s and other items.

When the new VEX kit comes out will RadioShack be a reseller for that kit or not. because i have heard from numerous people that radioshack will be selling the new kit, and i have also heard from another group of people that radioshack is no longer affiliated with VEXLabs, and wont be selling the new VEX kit… Does any know for sure???:confused:

That sounds like a new thread to me.

This should help

That was one thing that i heard, but i heard someone else saying that they are getting a new license to sell the new VEX kit… so i dont know… maby the will sell it… maby they wont… I guess well just have to wait and see…

I’d prefer Radioshack NOT to sell it… they’re overpriced and most of the time they don’t know what they are talking about.


They were selling kits at $99
where as VEXLabs was selling the same thing for $300
How is that overpriced???

Radioshack was selling them for 300 untill they decided to just get rid of them.

But still…
$300 is the same price that you pay on VEXLabs site,
but when you order it online, they slam you with shipping…
so you can spend $10 on gass to go and get the $300 kit at RadioShack,
of spend like $30 to order the same thing and have it shipped to you…
and the $10 travel for going to RadioShack you will get it a lot sooner then the $30 shipping.

I meant Radio Shack in general… I can get any electrical component from Jameco cheaper than Radio Shack, but the negative is shipping.

I just bought a Controller Kit and Crystal Kit on Ebay for extremely cheap. $6.50 and $3.99, respectively. I’m happy to pay $11 shipping if I’m getting that great of a deal. Although, that didn’t have anything to really do with this thread, I think it’s time I go to bed.