Disc flying to the left of shooter


Our design has a flywheel attached to the left of the disc shooter, on the right is hard non-moving carbonated sheet.

When launching disc, it keeps flying to the left. The higher the launch speed, the father to the left the disc flies.

Did you have experience solving this? I saw some post where teams use adhesive foam but I did not order yet. Not sure if this is worth trying

Anyway, any experience in tuning the shooter so disc can go straight is appreciated


I’m not sure if this is the problem with your flywheel but if you could send a picture it would allow us to better help. The problem might be that the right side of your flywheel is too long so after it contacts the flywheel and gains shooting velocity it hits the right side and bounces left. You can try trimming it down or if that doesn’t solve it try moving the flywheel out some by very small amounts

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Make sure that the left side slightly encloses the disk (ex. L-Bar on top). Also make sure that the left side slightly pertrudes.

My problem is solved by putting a long screw with bunch of spacers in the direction the disc is flying out. It now flies straight to the target and very consistent. thanks for sharing ideas :grinning:

Could you send a picture? I’m curious how you implemented this.

Yes, my teams problem was that the wall on the other side or in your case the carbonated sheet extended farther than the end of compression so it would spin along the wall and go into a curve, meaning reducing the end of the wall on the opposite side of the flywheel will reduce the curve.

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