Disco leeks

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those v5 motors look strong

Well, you can now throw them at flags. Genius idea.

Ah yes, time to bring out the drill meta

for every competition, a time must come.

how does it do when it picks up caps that are resting at an angle and not on their core?

The caps are designed to self-right themselves, you’re more likely to land a cap vertically on it’s edge than on an angle.

As a general statement, that’s really not true at all. Video has been posted here of caps being placed on poles and those caps not lying horizontally. Theoretically, for most of the game you’ll be picking up caps your opponents have placed on poles. So a good portion of the caps may be not be aligned with the horizontal.

@callen That’s very true, but at the same time, that tilt angle is negligible due to the fact that from what I’ve seen, they are usually straight enough to pick up with an intake like what these guys did. However, I may be completely wrong, I guess we’d need the game objects to really determine that last point. Moving on, I’m more concerned with picking up caps during auton since I believe auton is going to be a big part of deciding matches. If you look at how the balls and caps are set up at the start of the match, their cores are resting on the ball which tilts the cap at a 46-degree angle (Appendix A if you want to fact check).

Okay, ignore my second point because I checked Appendix A and it turns out you don’t even need to touch those caps because they are already flipped for your color. The other two caps are flipped for the opposite alliance’s color so you do need to focus on that and those caps are horizontal to the field so everything is fine there. However, I’m starting to lean over with your argument about the poles because I’ve seen more footage of the caps on poles and they are significantly titled. I guess you could also ignore my first point.

Scoring of caps is dependent on whether or not the core is touching the ground.


As what I have heard and tested myself, it is very rare for the caps to be slanted on the poles. It shouldn’t actually be too much of a problem, and I was told that the caps straighten out on the poles by simply slamming against the perimeter before intaking the cap.