DiscoBots 2014 Worlds Teaser

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Very nice.

When did 2880A join DiscoBots?

This year, Right after State Championships, my team sort of fell apart.

Btw, 2587C is still open for ya Tiger!, JK.

Tempting :smiley:

Now if only I could teleport down to Houston whenever I wanted to.

I bet DiscoBots did good jog to recruit you.

How about to form a Joint_club?

2587z, 2880a, and 9090c. Good luck next weekend. You guys will represent Texas well. It was an honor to play with each of you this year. Bring home the big banner!

We will bring bring something back to Texas. Do not forget 400X.

Why do your teams not go to World?

I didn’t forget them. Awesome showing in Omaha!

Long story. Couldn’t get registered in time. It takes our district a very long time to approve out of state trips. Needless to say, we are all very disappointed.

I won’t let it happen again for next year.

I’ll be watching on the web. I know you will do Texas proud!

Cough, 4252A, cough

Ya, 4252A!

I am so sorry to hear that, This is one of the many reasons I decided to join Disco, I am so thankful for this amazing opportunity. KAOS did AMAZING at State, and i cannot wait to see what you guys have in store for next year!

Nice teaser, looking forward to meet you at worlds! =)

Good luck…

Looks very impressive so far! Good luck to all DiscoBot teams!!

We are bringing the full force of Disco to Worlds this year.

We have our Toss Up Robots webpage

2880A - Dingus (WORLDS)
2587A - Alpha
2587K - Kappa (WORLDS)
2587W - Wolverine
2587Z - Zeta (WORLDS)
5678 - ThunderCloud (WORLDS)
5678N - Nimbus
5678S - Stratus
RICE - Rice University Team (WORLDS)

And our Add it Up - VEXIQ Robots (2587A & 2587X)

We are going to attempt a DISCO sweep in VEX-U , VEXIQ and VEX High School.

Good Luck to all the teams !