Discobots 2015 Worlds Reveal

Introducing our Skyrise robot TARS!



  • 4 motor X drive (internally torque)
  • 5 motor 7:1 dr6b
  • 1 motor conveyer
  • 2 piston pneumatic assist
  • 1 piston 1114 claw
  • 1 piston point turning brake (changed since video)
  • 1 piston auton aligner

Special thanks to Jordan Kiesel and Ethan Wong.

Watch out for our VEX IQ teams 2587a, 2587x, and VEX U teams RICE and HEAT.

And the award for the best reveal video goes to…discobots! This was amazing, plus that conveyor belt is quick!

slowy claps :smiley:

Agreed, like every year, they make an outstanding video. This year is no exception, best reveal for sure. Amazing job Peter, you will make it past finals for sure this time :wink:

I haven’t seen a robot with a fifth motor on the lift yet. That is a great use of the last motor. With this years game you need all the torque that you can get. The aligner you have is one of the best that I have seen this year. Great robot over all.

Look up 2941A sack attack worlds robot and Orion OYES toss up robot.

What I meant by not seeing one, is that I haven’t seen a dr4b with 5 motors. I have only seen 4, or 6 motor dr4b.

Ahem… 8059C has a 5-motor r4db too.
Check our reveal few days back.

But that said… Discobots always have some tricks up their sleeve… The pneumatic brake to allow the robot to pivot nicely, etc… Wonderful