Discobots 2017 Reveal

For our final season in the Vex Robotics Competition, team 400 and the Discobots proudly present our 2017 Starstruck Reveal . Somewhere along the way, I think we as a community lost sight of the true purpose of the robot reveal, to be overtly flashy and extravagant. That needed to be fixed. :wink:

Best of luck to you all, we’ll see you tomorrow.

Loved it!!! I was lucky enough to get a preview earlier.

That’s an amazing reveal video. Was hoping to see a bit of 1104g though since they have a different design than the 400 series.

This part killed me.

Haha I was right when I asked you if that was going to be your worlds bot.

Nice Marriott hotel background

Why is it your final season?

They are probably seniors.

Such beautiful robots