Discobots in Canada?

Found the image on robotevents:

Is it true that the Discobots have spread to Canada?
Discobots in Canada..jpg

The former world champion team 3560Z chingbotics joined discobots. But to avoid confusion in region definitions made a new team number.

Yes it’s true. If you can’t beat 'em, join em. Or something like that… :slight_smile:

Seems like a cool idea :slight_smile:

How can a team join DiscoBots?

Evidently, the first step is to be a world champion.

Well, we will get right on that. haha.

So scientist predict that by the year 2030 every vex team will have disco in front of their name because Vex will become DiscoVex

I think that’s a pretty solid call for chingbotics. It’ll allow them more recognition in regional competition as well as at worlds. They were looking to take their team to the next level and this is great way to do so. Also they’ll be able to share ideas and concepts. The new expanded discobots “organization” is definitely gonna be a group to watch!

I agree with that, and discobots in my concept is almost one of the best organizations on vex world and their performance always is great, I just wonder if they will expand to other places.:D:D