DiscoBots NBN Reveal

Introducing our NBN robot Curry!



6 motor 4" turbo drive
1 motor collector
1 motor accelerator
4 motor flywheel
ratchet lift release

Watch out for all Disco teams:

2587z (zeta) in SCIENCE division
2587g (gamma) in MATH division

1104G in MATH division
1104H in SCIENCE division
1104M in TECHNOLOGY division
1104V in ENGINEERING division
1104X in ARTS division
1104Z in MATH division

Middle School
2587x (x-ray) in OPPORTUNITY division

VEXIQ Middle School
1010A from Texas
1140A from Canada
2587x from Texas

VEXIQ Elementary from Canada

Rip math division

typo :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice robot and reveal!
But is it strong enough to overcome the DiscoCurse :o

Whoo! Ive waited so long for this reveal! Awesome robot and good luck at worlds discobots!

And we shall start the bid at world champion, anyone bid higher?

All the hype for this…

Jk love the robots cya later today!

So… What’s the difference between divisions?

Which discobots have lifts? I know some were pictured in the video but I was wondering if those are the only ones with lifts.

Lewis, team 8000

High school is divided equally into 5 divisions that play like their own separate tournaments. The five division champions go into a round robin, with the top two after that playing in a best of 3 final for the world title.

Ah! I see!!!
Very smart of them.

No wonder you have 457 in skills!
What velocity control are you using. There’s no point in the video where I can hear it.
If I may ask for a personal favour, please don’t destroy the BC teams in the math division (1039A & 9181B).

Are those the Bucky Ball grabbers I see from your toss up robot?

Amazing robots! Also, I hadn’t expected anyone to use 5 in wheels on the drivetrain.

Gg everyone else. Disco curse is gonna end this year.

Didn’t 118 beat them at states even though they have way less in skills?
They will still have very steep competition from other teams.

That’s because we (2587G) and this other team, i forgot who, messed up the top 8

What do you mean messed up the top 8?

The difference was 118 had a 50 pt climber while Disco didn’t. Looking at the scores, they out scored them in both matches (F1 262-297, F2 260-288) but that 50 pt climb by 118 and 3118A won it for them.

Math division appears to get all the hype this time. Ummm. My team’s got some real opponents.
Why is nobody asking the big question here – what the heck is the 1 motor accelerator? I’m assuming from the video that it’s a mechanism that both serves the intake and can be connected to the flywheel at a much lower gear ratio to kick start flywheel reliably.
Oh okay, of course everyone else is looking at this bot right now at worlds. Okay. I’m the only one not there it appears. @3921 Caleb tell me how it works